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AR-4610 Line Plastic - Push-to-Lock, Quarter Turn to Open

Push-to-Lock Stud Picture

AR-4610 Line plastic fasteners consist of a receptacle which is self-retained in a square hole in the fastened panel, and a stud within the receptacle. AR-4610 Line closes by pushing the stud inward with finger pressure. It opens with a quarter-turn of the stud, using fingers, a coin, or a hex key, depending on head style. In closing, AR-4610 Line passes through a square hole in the support material, where its four prongs lock as they are expanded by the stud.

Although this is a small fastener, AR-4610 Line is designed to stand up to frequent use on lightly-loaded access panels. Its prongs are rugged and the low-profile head is both unobtrusive and well-protected against accidental damage.

Designed Maximum Axial Load: 11 lb
Ultimate Axial Load: 56 lb
Designed Maximum Shear Load: 28 lb
Ultimate Shear Load: 140 lb
Operating Temperature: -20° to +180° F (-29° to 82° C)
Material: Acetal copolymer resin.
Material Burning Rating Code: UL 94 HB
ASTM E-162 Flame Spread Index: 130
Standard Color: Black
Fastener Selection
  1. Choose the receptacle that fits your panel thickness (P).
  2. Check that the combined thickness of your panel and support (T) is within listed limits.
  3. Choose a stud head style in the length needed by your receptacle.
Receptacle Selection
Push-to-Lock Receptacle Picture Push-to-Lock Receptacle Dimension Drawing Part 1 Push-to-Lock Receptacle Dimension Drawing Part 2
Part Number Panel Thickness "P" Panel plus Support "T" Undercut "B" Length Under Head "H"
inch mm inch mm inch mm inch mm

Click here for the Engineering Drawing
4600-802 Revision A

.020 - .070 0.51 - 1.78 .080 to .200 2.03 - 5.08 .070 1.78 .48 12.19460

Click here for the Engineering Drawing
4601-802 Revision A

.071 - .125 1.80 - 3.18 .135 to .250 3.43 - 6.35 .125 3.18 .54 13.72
Push-to-Lock Hex Recess Stud Picture
Push-to-Lock Hex Recess Stud Dimension Drawing
Push-to-Lock Slotted Stud Picture
Push-to-Lock Slotted Stud Dimension Drawing
Push-to-Lock Wing Head Stud Picture
Push-to-Lock Wing Head Stud Dimension Drawing
Stud Selection
Part Number Head Style For Use with
Receptacle Series
"L" Dimension
inch mm
4600-701-BK Hex 4600 .50 12.70
4601-701-BK Hex 4601 .55 13.97

Click here for the Engineering Drawing
4600-711 Revision B

Slot 4600 .50 12.70
4601-711-BK Slot 4601 .55 13.97
4600-721-BK Knob 4600 .50 12.70
4601-721-BK Knob 4601 .55 13.97


AR-4610 Line studs and receptacles are packed separately. The receptacle is easily snapped into a square hole from the panel front, and it is self retained. The stud is then pushed into the receptacle until a retaining detent is felt to be overcome. A small plastic mallet may be convenient for stud insertion. The fastener is now ready for use.

Push-to-Lock Installation Panel Preparation Drawing
Hole Dimensions
Panel Hole: .360 ±.005
(9.14 ±.13 mm)
Support Hole: .375 ±.005
(9.53 ±.13 mm)
Hole Misalignment: ±.020
(±.51 mm)