August 23, 2002


DFCI Solutions, Inc. wants all our valued customers to know, that our company continues to manufacture and sell our product lines from the same plant at West Islip, New York as we have done since 1939.

The company elected in 2001 to change its name from Dzus Fastener Co. Inc. to DFCI Solutions, Inc. This is a name change only. It is our belief that the new name will better represent the way we plan to position ourselves and grow in the future.

Also in the year 2001, in the interest of new business development and corporate growth, the company terminated the Exclusive Agent status with DFS International, Inc. We are proud to announce that we have opened a factory sales office. Our customers can now order either factory-direct by contacting us at Telephone #407-926-0231, or through our authorized distributors listed on our website:

In an important update as described in our letter of May 14, 2002, DFCI Solutions, Inc. has achieved upgrade registration by Underwriters Laboratories Inc., to the standards of ISO 9001:1994, AS9100: 2001-08. We can meet your every need, for design and manufacture of turn fasteners, quick acting latches and panel strips in steel, stainless steel, aluminum and plastic for use in numerous applications, some of which are the military and commercial aerospace, transportation, electronics, air handling, refrigeration, motor control and computer industries, to secure access panels, covers or detachable components. And we look forward to satisfying your current, and new, applications in the future.

Attached here is the chronological history of Dzus Fastener Co. Inc. Our ongoing mission is to provide our customers with a wide-range of product lines, manufactured to your requirements and the highest-quality standards. For more information, please visit our website:

Sincerely yours,

Stephen Meshover

Manufacturing Facility Aerial Picture