Retainers captivate a stud to a panel and, unless they are absorbed into the panel or support, add thickness to the Total Material Thickness and / or Panel Gap Thickness. A special self-retaining hole is possible if your material is a ductile plastic.

Split Stud Retainer Solid Stud Retainer
Part Number:
Part Number:
Split Stud Retainer Picture Solid Stud Retainer Picture
Split Stud Retainer Dimension Drawing Solid Stud Retainer Dimension Drawing
Installation: Pushes onto stud shank from the side. Installation: Pushes straight over stud end lugs.
Material: Black Acetal Resin Material: Black Nylon

Self Retaining Stud Hole

Recommended panel stud hole for interference fit in ductile plastic panels greater than 0.075" (1.91 mm) thick.

Self-Retaining Stud Hole Dimension Drawing


Part Number 4604-000-BK (Split Retainer):
The retainer pushes onto the stud shaft from the side.
Part Number 127P-5B (Solid Retainer):
The retainer pushes straight over the stud end lugs.
Self-Retaining Panel Stud Hole:
The stud pushes straight through the hole.