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DA-4600 Line
Rivet-In Receptacle

Rivet In Receptacle Picture

Part Number: 4604-1-BK

Rivet-In Receptacle Dimension Drawing

To Determine Stud Grip Length (G Dimension) Required

Calculate the Total Material Thickness. Using the table below, find the Total Material Thickness range that applies to your calculated Total Material Thickness. The stud length needed is to the right of your applicable range.

Panel Thickness
The thickness of the material that contains the stud.
Support Thickness
The thickness of the material where the receptacle will be mounted.
Gap Thickness
The greater of rivet head thickness or stud retainer thickness.

Note: The Stud Retainer Thickness is on the Stud Retainer page. Rivets and stud retainers may be nested into recessed holes.

Total Material Thickness =
Panel Thickness +
Support Thickness +
Gap Thickness

Rivet-In Receptacle Material Thickness Drawing

Total Material Thickness Stud Grip Length
Dimension "G"
inch mm
.100-.149 2.54-3.78 45
.150-.199 3.81-5.05 50
.200-.249 5.08-6.32 55
.250-.299 6.35-7.59 60
.300-.349 7.62-8.86 65
.350-.399 8.89-10.13 70
.400-.449 10.16-11.40 75
.450-.499 11.43-12.67 80
.500-.549 12.70-13.94 85
.550-.599 13.97-15.21 90
.600-.679 15.24-16.48 95
.650-.699 16.51-17.75 100

Support Panel Preparation
Rivet-In receptacle Support Preparation Drawing