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DA-4600 Line

The four head styles shown are standard. Head style is called out by the first three digits of the part number. The middle three digits call out the stud grip length. The component selection tables give the stud grip length callout for the thickness being fastened. The last three digits call out color, -010 being for standard black. Stud material is acetal resin. Custom colors and head styles are possible on special order.

Straight Slot
Part Number: 4604-G-BK
Slotted Knob
Part Number: 4644-G-BK
Straight Slot Stud Picture

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4604 Revision B

Slotted Knob Stud Picture

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4644 Revision A

Straight Slot Stud Dimension Drawing Slotted Knob Stud Dimension Drawing
Part Number: 4624-G-BK
Part Number: 4666-G-BK
Wing Head Stud Picture

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4624 Revision B

Tool Only Head Stud Picture

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4666 Revision A

Wing Head Stud Dimension Drawing Tool Only Stud Dimension Drawing

Stud Shank Dimensions

The stud's middle callout numbers indicate its "G" Dimension in hundredths of an inch. The component selection tables will show the correct "G" dimension for the material thickness being fastened. The Component Selection Tables are on the individual Receptacle pages.

Stud Part Number Stud Grip Length
Dimension "G"
Grip Length
Straight Slot Slotted Knob Wing Tool-Only inch mm
4604-45-BK 4644-45-BK 4624-45-BK 4666-45-BK 45 .450 11.4
4604-50-BK 4644-50-BK 4624-50-BK 4666-50-BK 50 .500 12.7
4604-55-BK 4644-55-BK 4624-55-BK 4666-55-BK 55 .550 14.0
4604-60-BK 4644-60-BK 4624-60-BK 4666-60-BK 60 .600 15.2
4604-65-BK 4644-65-BK 4624-65-BK 4666-65-BK 65 .650 16.5
4604-70-BK 4644-70-BK 4624-70-BK 4666-70-BK 70 .700 17.8
4604-75-BK 4644-75-BK 4624-75-BK 4666-75-BK 75 .750 19.1
4604-80-BK 4644-80-BK 4624-80-BK 4666-80-BK 80 .800 20.3
4604-85-BK 4644-85-BK 4624-85-BK 4666-85-BK 85 .850 21.6
4604-90-BK 4644-90-BK 4624-90-BK 4666-90-BK 90 .900 22.9
4604-95-BK 4644-95-BK 4624-95-BK 4666-95-BK 95 .950 24.1
4604-100-BK 4644-100-BK 4624-100-BK 4666-100-BK 100 1.000 25.4

Self Ejecting Feature

Studs may be ordered as an ejecting assembly by inserting "SE" between the stud's "G" dimension and the color suffix. For example: 4604-50-SE-BK. When using the component selection tables, add the .090" (2.29 mm) cup height above the stud panel to your panel thickness. The installed stud will be ejected against the panel underside when open.

Straight Slot Stud with Self Ejecting Assembly Picture Slotted Knob Head Stud with Self Ejecting Assembly Picture
Tool Only Head Stud with Self Ejecting Assembly Picture Wing Head Stud with Self Ejecting Assembly Picture


Panel Stud Hole Panel Stud Hole Dimension Drawing
Self Retaining Hole

Recommended panel stud hole for interference fit in ductile plastic panels greater than 0.075" thick.

Self Retaining Hole Dimension Drawing
Part Number 4604-000-BK (Split Retainer):
The retainer pushes onto the stud shaft from the side.
Part Number 127P-5B (Solid Retainer):
The retainer pushes straight over the stud end lugs.
Self-Retaining Panel Stud Hole:
The stud pushes straight through the hole.