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DA-4600 Line Fastener Product Selector

Technical Information:

Material, all components: Acetal Copolymer Resin
Material Burning Rating Code UL 94 HB. ASTM E-162
Flame Spread Index: 130
Ultimate tensile strength: 180 lb
Locked service tension (min.): 13 lb
Locking stop strength: 15 in-lb
Wear resistance: 5000+ cycles
Temperature resistance: High 194 F (248 intermittent) Low -40 F

1. Select an appropriate head style.

Straight Slot Head Stud Picture
Wing Head Stud Picture
Slotted Knob Head Stud Picture
Tool Only Stud Picture
Self Ejecting Assembly Picture
Studs are available in four standard head styles. Special heads are possible up to 1.25" (31.75 mm) diameter.

Ejecting assemblies improve fastener action by springing an unlocked stud clear of the receptacle and holding it in position for straight re-entry. An ejected stud also signals an unlocked fastener.

2. Select a stud retainer:

  1. A split retainer which pushes onto the stud shank from the side,
  2. a solid retainer which pushes straight over the stud lugs, or
  3. if the panel is ductile plastic, by pushing the lugs through a molded interference-fit hole.
Split Retainer Picture
Solid Retainer Picture
Self Retainig Hold Dimension Drawing

4. Select a receptacle type:

  1. riveted,
  2. snap-in high-performance rear-load,
  3. snap-in mini rear load,
  4. snap-in mini top load.
Rivet-In Recetpacle Picture Snap-In Receptacle Picture Mini Snap-In Receptacle Picture Mini Snap-In Top Installed Recetpacle Picture

All receptacles meet the performance specifications, but the riveted and snap-in high-performance rear load offer smoother operation and more even locking torque across their material grip range.

5. Now determine the Panel, Gap, and Support thicknesses.

Now determine the thickness of material in which the stud is retained and to which the receptacle is attached.  Then determine the total gap between the level of stud head contact with material and the level of receptacle contact, in the closed position, include any air gaps and any part of the stud retainer thickness not buried in material already measured.  Refer to the examples on each receptacle page, which will guide you to the length selection table.

Unit of Measure:
Note: All internal calculations are done in inches.
The units are converted on input and for display.

6. Click on the "Calculate" button to see the resulting part numbers.

Every effort has been made to verify the accuracy of the calculations in this program. However, your application may be unique and not allowed for in the software. The calculations should be verified with an authorized sales engineer before purchasing the parts for your specific application.

  Your Specifications Your Results
Panel / Gap / Support
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