DP-6100 Line Pawl Latches - Series 6137

Pawl Latch Product Picture

Low-cost quarter turn latching

6137 Series Pawl Latches provide basic quarter-turn latching at low installed cost. Studs, in black acetal plastic, are available with attractive wing, knob, or slotted heads. One-step installation consists of pushing the spring-steel pawl onto the stud and up against the underside of the panel. One-way tabs on the pawl maintain its position and provide secure stud retention. Latch closes under spring tension. No spacers are needed.

Stud, Wing Head
Stud, Slotted Knob
Wing Head Stud Dimension Drawing Slotted Knob Stud Dimension Drawing
Stud, Slotted
Slotted Stud Dimension Drawing Pawl Dimension Drawing

Stud Material: Black Acetal copolymer. Material burn rating code UL94HB.
ASTM E-162. F.S.I. = 130
-40°F (-40°C) to +194°F (+90°C)
+248°F (120°C) short periods.

Pawl Material: Type 410 Stainless Steel Condition A.

Fastener Selection and Installation

  1. Choose head style with part number
  2. Select the correct pawl based upon your D Dimension
Recommended Pawl Deflection
Latch Locked

.010" (0.25 mm) Locked Tension 2 lb
.135" (3.43 mm) Locked Tension 8 lb

6137-2S 6137-2L
Dimension Drawing Dimension Drawing
D Dimension Use Pawl
Part Number
.010" to .125" 0.25 to 3.18 mm 6137-2S
.125" to .205" 3.18 to 5.21 mm 6137-2L
6137-2S and 6137-2L
Installation Drawing