DP-6100 Line Pawl Latches

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Pawl Latches Product Picture
  • 6170 and 6175 series Self Adjusting Spring Pawl Latches
    The 6170 and the larger 6175 Series Pawl Latches use a helical spring pawl which varies its grip length with rotation and is capable of latching a wide range of support thickness. The sloped pawl design also allows the operator to adjust the applied clamping force.
    Four head styles are offered in each size, and an all-stainless knurled head latch is available in the larger size.
  • 6137 Low-cost quarter turn latching
    6137 Series Pawl Latches provide basic quarter-turn latching at a low installed cost. Studs, in black acetal plastic, are available with attractive wing, knob or slotted heads. One-step installation consists of pushing the spring-steel pawl onto the stud and up against the underside of the panel. One-way tabs on the pawl maintain its position and provide secure stud retention. The latch closes under spring tension. No spacers are needed.