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DP-6100 Line Pawl Latches

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Pawl Latches operate by rotating a stud, having a pawl finger attached to its shank. A turn brings the pawl under a support member and the opposite rotation provides release. DFCI's Pawl Latches feature single hole mounting with no receptacle needed.

DFCI Pawl Latches offer quarter turn operation with locking under tension, over a wide range of material thickness. Their variable grip length can accommodate wide thickness and misalignment tolerances.

  • 6170 and 6175 series Self Adjusting Spring Pawl Latches
    The 6170 and the larger 6175 Series Pawl Latches use a helical spring pawl which varies its grip length with rotation and is capable of latching a wide range of support thickness. The sloped pawl design also allows the operator to adjust the applied clamping force.
    Four head styles are offered in each size, and an all-stainless knurled head latch is available in the larger size.
  • 6137 Low-cost quarter turn latching
    6137 Series Pawl Latches provide basic quarter-turn latching at a low installed cost. Studs, in black acetal plastic, are available with attractive wing, knob or slotted heads. One-step installation consists of pushing the spring-steel pawl onto the stud and up against the underside of the panel. One-way tabs on the pawl maintain its position and provide secure stud retention. The latch closes under spring tension. No spacers are needed.