Quarter Turn Fasteners

  • ST-1200 LINE Quarter Turn Fasteners are offered in a wide range of styles and sizes. Quarter Turn Studs engage receptacles and operate in about 90 rotation. They apply a predictable clamping force and provide a detent in locked position that resists accidental opening. Quarter-turns provide convenient and reliable fastening where take-up is not required and material thickness is constant.
    • ST-1200 Line Quarter Turn GUIDE PIN Fastener studs have threaded ends which may be anchored in blind holes with thread locking compound or secured to supports with lock nuts. Once installed, the studs act as guide pins, aligning the panel for locking with Guide Pin receptacles.
    • ST-1200 Line Quarter Turn fasteners may also be ordered with Self Ejecting assemblies.
  • PX-1600 Line The PX-1600 Quarter-Turn fastening is based upon a spiral cam milled externally on the body of the fastener. The spiral cam is engaged by tabs on the recessed portion of the receptacle.
  • PA-3500 LINE Quarter Turn Fasteners include a captive stud assembly and multi-hole receptacle strips. The stud cups are flared into countersunk panel holes. The receptacle strips can frame out console openings and serve as supports for instruments and access panels. Mil-Spec Approved.
  • SU-2300 LINE Quarter Turn Fasteners provide higher strength fastening on demanding applications such as aircraft access panels. All parts are ruggedly constructed and the receptacle is designed to limit sheet separation under tensile overload. Mil-Spec Approved.
  • DA-4600 LINE Plastic Quarter Turn Fasteners provide secure access fastening of lightly loaded panels. Molded studs permit contemporary head styling and attractive finishes. Reliable and repeatable performance at low installed cost.