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When selecting finishes, select the RoHS compliant finishes. They are better for the environment and less expensive!

ST-1200 Line Removal Tooling

Removal of ST-1200 Line studs is accomplished by removing the retainer.

Removal Tool Usage Drawing
Stud Size Tool Part Number Block Part Number
4 9919-A-4-BB 9902-1-14-BB
5 9919-A-5-BB 9902-1-15-BB
6 9919-A-6-BB 9902-1-16-BB
65 9919-A-65-BB 9902-1-165-BB
7 9919-A-7-BB 9902-1-17-BB

For removal of a stud retained by a 1271 Full Grommet or a 1276 Full Grommet, the Staking Tool is available to shear the grommet off on the underside.

For Oval Head, Wing Head, Phillips Recess Head, or Hex Recess Head studs a Block should be used to support the panel.

For Ring Head, Knurled Head, Tamper Resist Head, and Flush Head Studs, use a Flat Surface Plate for support.