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Quarter Turn - PA-3500 Line
Type 3506-SC Stud Assemblies

PA-3500 Studs Picture

Type 3506-SC stud assemblies consist of a stud and coil spring captive in a steel cup. The assemblies are installed by flaring the end of the cup neck into a countersunk panel hole. Stud locking action compresses the spring, exerting a clamping force on the fastened parts. In locking, the stud spiral cam engages a rigid wire which is offered by the receptacle. MIL-F-25173A** approved.

3506-SC Stud Picture

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3506-SCA Revision G

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3506-SC Stud Dimension Drawing


Locking Tension: 15 lb
Rated Tensile and Shear: 200 lb when used with our receptacles
Max sheet separation
under tensile overload:
Locking Torque Min: 2.5 in-lb
Locking Torque Max: 8 in-lb
Wear endurance: 5,000 use cycles
Stud: Heat treated carbon steel
Spring: Spring temper music wire
Cup: Mild steel

Finishes: Zinc Trivalent Clear .0003 thick. Trivalent Chromate Clear with Sealer (RoHS Compliant)
Specification(s): ASTM-B-633, Type III, SC 2, Clear
Suffix: -Z3CT
Other standard finishes are available as described on the linked page.

Parts Selection*

3506-SC Stud Parts Selection Drawing

Panel Thickness Stud Assembly Weight Cup Dimension "B"
inch mm lb g inch mm
.050-.059 1.27-1.50 3506-SC37A-Z3CT .006298 2.86 .070 1.78
.060-.069 1.50-1.75 3506-SC38A-Z3CT .006408 2.91 .080 2.03
.070-.079 1.75-2.01 3506-SC39A-Z3CT .006518 2.96 .090 2.29
.080-.089 2.01-2.26 3506-SC40A-Z3CT .006628 3.01 .100 2.54
.090-.099 2.29-2.51 3506-SC41A-Z3CT .006738 3.06 .110 2.79
.100-.109 2.51-2.77 3506-SC42A-Z3CT .006848 3.11 .120 3.05
.110-.119 2.77-3.02 3506-SC43A-Z3CT .006958 3.16 .130 3.30
.120-.129 3.02-3.28 3506-SC44A-Z3CT .007068 3.21 .140 3.56

* This table assumes the locked stud panel will contact our receptacle strip having a wire depth (Dimension "H") of .150" (3.81 mm).

** Meets the design, physical and performance requirements of MIL-F-25173A. However, full mechanical properties testing may not be performed on each production lot.