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Quarter Turn - PA-3500 Line Type 3522-S Stud Assemblies

Type 3522-S stud assemblies provide a nearly solid lock without allowing the sheet separation that occurs with 3506-SC assemblies while under tensile overload sufficient to overcome the expansion force of their springs. With 3522-S assemblies, the stud cam first quarter-turns onto the receptacle wire under spring tension supplied by a curved washer. Further locking rotation then starts to turn the cammed fastener head around a stud cross-pin. The head is moved downward as it turns, compressing a coil spring which is stronger than the curved washer, and finally compressing the curved washer flat. At the fully-locked position, the assembly has no remaining spring movement achievable by tensile overload.

3522-S assemblies are not MIL-F-25173A approved.

CAUTION: Any external factor that prevents the stud from turning with initial locking torque could allow the fastener head to rotate first. This could convey an erroneous impression of locking while the stud cam has not locked onto the receptacle wire. All operators of this special purpose fastener should be trained to recognize proper stud cam locking.

3522-S Stud Assembly Picture

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3522-S Revision C

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3522-S Stud Assembly Dimension Drawing


Locking Tension: Variable, up to 200 lb
Rated Tensile and Shear: 200 lb when used with our receptacles
Materials: Cup is mild steel. All other components are heat treated carbon steel.
Finishes: Zinc Trivalent Clear .0003 thick. Trivalent Chromate Clear with Sealer (RoHS Compliant)
Specification(s): ASTM-B-633, Type III, SC 2, Clear
Suffix: -Z3CT
Other standard finishes are available as described on the linked page.
Parts Selection *
3522-S Parts Selection Drawing
Panel Thickness Stud Assembly Cup Dimension "B"
inch mm inch mm
.050-.059 1.27-1.50 3522-S37-Z3CT .070 1.78
.060-.069 1.50-1.75 3522-S38-Z3CT .080 2.03
.070-.079 1.75-2.01 3522-S39-Z3CT .090 2.29
.080-.089 2.01-2.26 3522-S40-Z3CT .100 2.54
.090-.099 2.29-2.51 3522-S41-Z3CT .110 2.79
.100-.109 2.51-2.77 3522-S42-Z3CT .120 3.05
.110-.119 2.77-3.02 3522-S43-Z3CT .130 3.30
.120-.129 3.02-3.28 3522-S44-Z3CT .140 3.56

* The table assumes the locked stud panel will contact our receptacle strip having a wire depth (Dimension "H") of .150" (3.81 mm).