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When selecting finishes, select the RoHS compliant finishes. They are better for the environment and less expensive!


PX-1600 Fastening System

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The PX-1600 Quarter-Turn fastening is based upon a spiral cam milled externally on the body of the fastener. The spiral cam is engaged by tabs on the recessed portion of the receptacle.

The stud is offered in two diameters, five head styles, and two standard finishes. The two sizes are designated 4 and 6. These numbers relate to the nominal diameter of the stud body expressed in millimeters.

Stud retention is possible with either a plastic or a steel retainer. Retainer installation is performed by simply pushing it onto the end of the stud. A plastic retainer may also be used as a washer under the head of the stud to protect decorative finished. For applications with large gaps between the panel and support, a retaining spring may be added to keep the stud aligned with the receptacle.

The receptacle is offered in five different styles. All styles are available in sizes 4 and 6. The receptacles are available with any finish.

Studs increase in 1 mm. increments to allow for a wide range of panel thickness. The range for each length of stud has been predetermined to provide the optimum 'pull-up' for a safe and secure locked condition.

The available finishes for the PX-1600 Fastening System are all RoHS compliant. They are:

(Standard Finish)
Zinc Trivalent Clear .0003 thick. Trivalent Chromate Clear with Sealer (RoHS Compliant)
Specification(s): ASTM-B-633, Type III, SC 2, Clear
Suffix: -Z3CT
Zinc Trivalent Yellow .0003 thick, Trivalent Chromate Yellow Dye with Sealer

We recommend the Z3CT finish instead of the Z3YT finish. The Z3CT finish is much more cost effective and provides the same salt spray benefits as the Z3YT finish. (RoHS Compliant)
Specification(s): ASTM-B-633, Type II, SC 2, Yellow
Suffix: -Z3YT
Zinc Trivalent Black .0003 thick. Trivalent Chromate Black Dye with Sealer (RoHS Compliant)
Specification(s): ASTM-B-633, Type II, SC 2, Black
Suffix: -Z3BT
Zinc Flake Coating with Black Sealer
Delta Seal Black GZ Coating (RoHS Compliant)
Specification(s): Delta Protekt; KL100
Suffix: -ZFBT