PX-1600 Line Fastener Product Selector

The PX-1600 Quarter-Turn fastening system is based upon a spiral cam milled externally on the body of the fastener. The spiral cam is engaged by tabs on the recessed portion of the receptacle.

Studs increase in 1 mm. increments to allow for a wide range of panel thickness. The range for each length of stud has been predetermined to provide the optimum 'pull-up' for a safe and secure locked condition.

1. Select a fastener size and receptacle based on the performance table:

The stud is offered in two diameters, four head styles, and two standard finishes. The two sizes are designated 4 and 6. These numbers relate to the nominal diameter of the stud body expressed in millimeters.

Fastener Performance*
12 18
30 50
30 50
30 54
30 54

Performance: Maximum load without distortion.

2. Select an appropriate head style.

3. Select a stud retainer:

Stud retention is possible with either a plastic or a steel retainer. Retainer installation is performed by simply pushing it onto the end of the stud. A plastic retainer may also be used as a washer under the head of the stud to protect decorative finishes. For applications with large gaps between the panel and support, a retaining spring may be added to keep the stud aligned with the receptacle.

If you have selected a Steel Retainer, please select a finish for the retainer!

4. Select a finish (All available finishes are RoHS Compliant.):

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Stud Retainer Receptacle Suffix Description Specification(s)
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5. Now determine the Panel, Gap, and Support thicknesses.

Now determine the thickness of material in which the stud is retained and to which the receptacle is attached. Then determine the total gap between the level of stud head contact with material and the level of receptacle contact, in the closed position, include any air gaps and any part of the stud retainer thickness not buried in material already measured.

Panel Gap Support
Unit of Measure: Inch Millimeter
All internal calculations are done in millimeters.
The units are converted on input and for display.

6. Click on the "Calculate" button to see the resulting part numbers.

Every effort has been made to verify the accuracy of the calculations in this program. However, your application may be unique and not allowed for in the software. The calculations should be verified with an authorized sales engineer before purchasing the parts for your specific application.

Your Specifications Your Results
Panel / Gap / Support  
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