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When selecting finishes, select the RoHS compliant finishes. They are better for the environment and less expensive!


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Individual Components


Oval Head Fastener Flush Head Fastener
Oval Head Stud Flush Head Stud
RACEX®-A 13/32" Oval Head Fastener RACEX®-F 13/32" Flush Head Fastener
Racex-A Oval Head Stud Racex-F Flush Head Stud
Flush Head Self Ejecting Fastener Wing Head Self Ejecting Fastener
Ejecting Stud Self Ejecting Wing Head Stud


S-Spring Receptacle Weld Plate Receptacle
S-Spring Receptacle Weld Plate Receptacle

Stud and Receptacle Compatability Table

Stud Receptacles
1" Spacing
Weld Plate
1/4" OvalX   
5/16" Oval X X
13/32" Oval  XX
13/32" RACEX-A  XX
1/4" FlushX   
5/16" Flush X X
13/32" Flush  XX
13/32" RACEX-F  XX
5/16" Ejecting X X
3/8" Ejecting  X 
5/16" Winged Ejecting X X
3/8" Winged Ejecting  X 

Guide Pin and Slide Latch

4639-24936-24935SL Valve Cover 4639-15-SB-SS Slide Latch with Post and Spacers
Guide Pin Slide Latch

Toggle Latch

7880-7-SS Toggle Latch and
7880-C7-SS Strike
7886-2-SS Small Toggle Latch and
7880-C7-SS Strike
Toggle Latch Small Toggle Latch