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SL-8400 Line
Push Panel to Lock, Slide to Open
Plastic Slide Latch - 8404

Push-to-Lock Slide Latch Picture

The 8404 Plastic Slide Latch is held in the closed position by spring tension. A stainless steel spring is nested at the back end of the one-piece latch body, and contacts the back edge of the panel hole.

When the panel is pushed closed, the sloped pawl edge meets the support corner and slides the latch back. As the panel closes fully, the pawl clears the edge of the support and the spring slides the latch forward to the closed position.

The panel is opened by sliding the latch back with a finger.

This black thermoplastic latch has a clean, flush appearance. The panel hole is always concealed.

Parts Selection:

  1. Smooth and snug pawl closure is assured by designing the depth of your support edge so that total grip "G" equals .25" .005". (6.35 .13 mm)
  2. Panel thickness from .043" to .083" (1.09 to 2.11 mm) is accommodated by selecting the snap-clip as presented in the table.
Latch Body
Part Number: 8404-600-BK
Push-to-Lock Slide Latch Dimension Drawing

Click here for the Engineering Drawing
8404-600 Revision A

Snap Clip
Panel Thickness
Snap Clip Thickness
Snap Clip Part Number
inch mm inch mm
.043-.051 1.09 - 1.30 .125 3.18 8404-812-BK
.055-.067 1.40 - 1.70 .110 2.79 8404-816-BK
.071-.083 1.80  - 2.11 .095 2.41 8404-820-BK
Push-to-Lock Slide Latch Snap Clip Dimension Drawing

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8404-8 Revision B

Hole Dimension and Location

Push-to-Latch Slide Latch Installation Preparation Drawing


  1. Place the latch body, pawl end first, into the panel hole.
  2. Push the back (spring) end of the latch body into the hole.
  3. Slide the appropriate snap clip (see the table) onto the latch body underside, starting at the pawl end.