Go Green and Save Green!

When selecting finishes, select the RoHS compliant finishes. They are better for the environment and less expensive!


ST-1200 Line Size 65 Retainers

  • Aluminum Full Grommet - Prevent panel hole wear, protect panel finish and reduce stud play.
  • Aluminum Thick Panel Grommet - Full grommets for applications where the panel thickness exceeds the 0.135" (3.43 mm) limit of the standard Aluminum Full Grommet.
  • Aluminum Half Grommet - Solid. Retains when flattened.
  • Plastic Half Grommet - Plastic push-on retainer. Also used under head to protect panel finish.
  • Stainless Steel Snap Ring - Split rings install fast, take little space.
  • Stainless Steel Retaining Spring - Holds stud in locking position for alignment with receptacle.