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ST-1200 Line Size 6 - Thick Panel Grommets

Type 127S-A and 127S-F thick panel grommets are supplied attached to their studs. The bead securing the grommet to the stud is close to the head to allow maximum retraction of the stud end into the panel. These grommets are offered in standard lengths, matching common panel thickness with ends extended beyond the panel, for retention by flaring. Other lengths are available on special order.

Thick Panel Grommets Picture
Type 127S-F: Flush heads only Type 127S-A: Protruding heads only
Thick Panel Flush Head Grommet Dimension Drawing Thick Panel Oval Head Grommet Dimension Drawing

Stud/Grommet Assembly Callout:

  1. Determine stud length as directed by instructions provided for the selected receptacle.
  2. The 127S-A or 127S-F grommet length (dimension "T") is equal to the panel thickness (dimension "P") plus the grommet end flaring allowance.
  3. If the panel thickness is greater than "Dimension P" listed in the table, go to the next larger listing. (For example: For size 3, if the panel is .275" thick, use Dimension P = .375 in the table.)
  4. The stud grommet assembly is called out by first stating the stud part number, followed by "T", followed by the grommet's "T" dimension in thousandths of an inch. (For example: 121J-650T250)

Dimension "M"
Grommet Diameter
Dimension "N"
Grommet Wall Thickness
End Flaring Allowance
6 7/16"
(11.13 mm)
(.71 mm)
(2.54 mm)
Dimension "P"
(Panel Thickness)
Dimension "T"
(inch) (mm) (inch) (mm)
*T250 .136 3.45 .250 6.35
*T375 .250 6.35 .375 9.53
*T475 .375 9.53 .475 12.07
*T600 .500 12.70 .600 15.24
*T725 .625 15.88 .725 18.42
*T850 .750 19.05 .850 21.59

* Represents the stud part number (e.g., 121J-650 from the above example).