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ST-1200 Line Size 4 Receptacles - Side Mounted Spring

This side-mounted spring may be used where there is no support beneath the stud. The type 1219-B spring rivets to a support perpendicular to the stud panel.

Note: Because there is no receptacle to guide the stud, the stud panel should be registered, as with edge lip or hinge, to ensure that the stud will engage the spring.

Side Mount Spring Picture

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1219-B42 Revision A

Side Mount Spring Installation and Dimension Drawing

Part Number: 1219-B4-2-Z3CT

Material: Music wire

Finish: Zinc Trivalent Clear .0003 thick. Trivalent Chromate Clear with Sealer (RoHS Compliant)
Specification(s): ASTM-B-633, Type III, SC 2, Clear
Suffix: -Z3CT

Determine the spring location (Dimension F) for the shortest possible stud

Usually, it is desirable to have the 1219-B spring as close to the stud as possible. To find the minimum Dimension F (F DIM):

  1. Go to the stud selection table and find the shortest listed stud with an undercut length (Dimension U) able to contain the stud panel and stud retainer.
  2. For that stud, find Dimension G in the table and subtract from it the thickness of the stud panel.
  3. Add the recommended spring deflection of .045" (1.14 mm). This is the location of the spring rivet hole centers from the underside of the stud panel (Dimension F).


  1. Absolute minimum F = .157" (3.99 mm).
  2. Dimension F can also be set at any other location equal to Dimension G of any stud minus stud panel thickness plus recommended spring deflection.

Warning: Failure to obtain the recommended spring deflection will prevent the stud from locking and allow it to move under vibration, possibly resulting in fastener failure.