Go Green and Save Green!

When selecting finishes, select the RoHS compliant finishes. They are better for the environment and less expensive!

SU-2300 Line Size 6

SU-2300 Line receptacles are enclosed to protect the parts, prevent the loss of plating chips and to provide a smooth stud entry.

Either Rigid or Floating SU-2300 Line Receptacles are available. The Floating feature is available to compensate for misalignment.

Rigid Floating
Rigid Receptacle Picture

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2600 Revision B

Floating Receptacle with Spacers Picture

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2600F Revision B

Part Number:

Weight: .0333 lb (15.10 g)

Rigid Receptacle Dimension Drawing

Part Number:

Weight: .0346 lb (15.69 g)

Float: .094 in (2.39 mm) all directions

Floating Receptacle Dimension Drawing

Standard Materials:
Receptacle base and spring cap: steel
Spring and pin: Music wire

Zinc Trivalent Clear .0003 thick. Trivalent Chromate Clear with Sealer (RoHS Compliant)
Specification(s): ASTM-B-633, Type III, SC 2, Clear
Suffix: -Z3CT

The above mentioned finish will be supplied as the standard finish upon depletion of existing stock which are finished as follows: Cadmium Electroplated .0003 thick, Clear Chromate (Obsolete)
Specification(s): QQ-P-416, TYPE I, CLASS 2, CLEAR
Suffix: -C3C

Part Number: 

Floating Receptacle Spacers Dimension Drawing

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2600F-5 Revision B

Two included with 2600-18F-Z3CT receptacle.