Product Lines

The products manufactured by DFCI Solutions, Inc. fall into four main categories:

  • Quarter-Turn - This category includes all of the quarter-turn fasteners,
    • ST-1200 Line,
    • SU-2300 Line,
    • PA-3500 Line,
    • DA-4600 Line,
    • PX-1600 Line.
  • Fast Thread - This category is our quad-lead threaded UN-5700 Line fastener.
  • Push - This category contains our push-to-lock fasteners, the AR-4610 Line.
  • Latches - This category contains all of the latches,
    • TL-7800 Toggle Latches,
    • DP-6100 Pawl Latches, and
    • SL-8400 Slide Latches.