Go Green and Save Green!

When selecting finishes, select the RoHS compliant finishes. They are better for the environment and less expensive!


Product Lines

The products manufactured by DFCI Solutions, Inc. fall into four main categories:

  • Quarter-Turn - This category includes all of the quarter-turn fasteners,
    • ST-1200 Line,
    • SU-2300 Line,
    • PA-3500 Line,
    • DA-4600 Line,
    • PX-1600 Line.
  • Fast Thread - This category is our quad-lead threaded UN-5700 Line fastener.
  • Push - This category contains our push-to-lock fasteners, the AR-4610 Line.
  • Latches - This category contains all of the latches,
    • TL-7800 Toggle Latches,
    • DP-6100 Pawl Latches, and
    • SL-8400 Slide Latches.