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SL-8400 Line Latches

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Slide Latch Picture The 8415 Slide Latch consists of: (each sold separately)
  1. a slotted sliding bar which is sold assembled to a mounting plate,
  2. a bush which is gripped in its grooved section by the sliding bar, and
  3. a spacer which raises the bush to clear thick panels.

The sliding bar assembly is attached to the removable panel and the bush is mounted to the panel's stationary support. In closure the spring action of the bar resists opening under vibration and shock loads. Clearance above the slide latch need only allow for fingers to grip the sliding bar. The latch is also sold with the handle pointing downward for mounting on the underside of the panel.

Push-to-Latch Slide Latch Picture The 8404 Push Panel to Lock Slide to Open Plastic Slide Latch The latch is held in position by spring tension. when the panel is pushed closed, the sloped pawl edge meets the support corner and slides the latch back. As the panel closes fully, the pawl clears the edge of the support and the spring slides the latch forward to the closed position. The panel is opened by sliding the latch back with a finger.