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UN-5700 Line Fasteners
Quick-Acting Threaded Fasteners

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The UN-5700 Line stud has a special four-lead thread that operates in less than one turn. The receptacle provides a friction lock by expanding against a surrounding coil spring as the stud is engaged.

Rated locking torque is maintained over thousands of use cycles. These features are combined with the advantages of standard threaded fasteners:

  • panel take-up,
  • no sheet separation under load, and
  • high tensile and shear ratings.

The fastener stud has a fast four lead thread, and is easily captivated in the panel with a grommet which is slipped over the threaded end and flattened down.

Performance Table

UN-5700 Line Size Thread Major Dia. Locking Torque*
Rated Tensile and Shear
Locking Torque Retention
in mm
3 .188 4.78 4-8 600 5,000
4 .250 6.35 8-12 1,000 5,000
5 .313 7.95 15-25 1,500 5,000

* Locking Torque will be higher on the first use.