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UN-5700 Line Size 4

Selection Procedure

  1. Verify that the Mechanical Properties are suitable for your application.
  2. Select a Stud Head Style. For example: A size 4 Oval Head stud is 5784-20-xxx-Z3CT
  3. Select a stud retainer and part number. For example: A size 4 Half Grommet is 127H-4S
  4. Calculate the Total Material Thickness as described below.
  5. Using the table on the stud page, find the Total Material Thickness range that applies to your calculated Total Material Thickness. The G needed for the Stud Part Number is stated to the right of the applicable Total Material Thickness range. For example: For the size 4 with a Total Material Thickness of .175" (4.45 mm), the G needed would be 20
  6. Combine the stud head style and G for a complete part number. For example: The complete part number for our example is 5784-20-20-Z3CT.
  7. Select either a rigid or floating receptacle. For example: The size 4 rigid receptacle is 5718-A4-ACNC.

Performance Table

UN-5700 Line Size Thread Major Dia. Locking Torque*
Rated Tensile and Shear
Locking Torque Retention
in mm
3 .188 4.78 4-8 600 5,000
4 .250 6.35 8-12 1,000 5,000
5 .313 7.95 15-25 1,500 5,000

* Locking Torque will be higher on the first use.

Total Material Thickness

The Total Material Thickness is the sum of the panel thickness, support thickness, and any gap thickness that may be present. The panel thickness is the thickness of the material that contains the stud. Support thickness is the thickness of the material to which the receptacle is mounted. Gap thickness is the thickness of any gasket, spacing, or other material that prevents the panel and support form being in direct contact with each other. All stud retainers drop into the support area and do not add a gap.

Rigid Threaded Receptacle Assembly Drawing with Parts Identification

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